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Word ".doc" versions or hardcopies of most of these documents can be obtained by contacting the Earl Marshal if the above method fails.


DOC Formal Proposal for Steel Combat Experiment in the Kingdom of Calontir


PDF Society Marshal's Handbook
PDF Society Rules of the List
PDF Calontir Marshals Handbook 2014v2 - Official Version

Marshallate Forms:

PDF Group Marshal & Marshal of the Field Agreement to Serve (Revised 2005)
*Please note that MITs do not need to send in Agreement to the Earl Marshal. Only authorized marshals wishing to obtain/renew their warrants need do so.
PDF Status Report Form (Revised 2004)
PDF Combat Authorization Form (Revised Feb 2017)
PDF Event Report Form (Revised 2004)
PDF Marshal's Incident Report Form
PDF Consent to Participate and Release Liability Waiver Form
Other Forms From the SCA Library of Documents

For Minors:

Please read the information regarding Minors and SCA Combat Related activities here.

PDF Parent's Consent for SCA Combat Related Activities for Minors
PDF Combined Minor's Combat Related Activity Waiver and Medical Authorization Waiver For Minors (With Area for Notary Stamp)

For the List Table:

PDF Mistress Tamara's Consolidated Tournament Trees
PDF Mistress Tamara's Round Robin Trees
PDF Sequential List Form
PDF Tamara's List Minister Tips
PDF The Calontir SCA List Table

Quarter Court Reports:

Report: Associated Docs: QC Quarter: QC Year:
PDF QC Report - 1st Quarter 2004
PDF QC Report - 2nd Quarter 2004
PDF QC Report - 3rd Quarter 2004
PDF QC Report - 4th Quarter 2004
PDF QC Report - 1st Quarter 2005
PDF QC Report - 2nd Quarter 2005
PDF Zip File QC Report - 3rd Quarter 2005
PDF Zip File QC Report - 4th Quarter 2005
DOC   QC Report- 1st Quarter 2006