Marshallate Roster:

KEM Office:

Name: Position: Email:
Ritter Aiden O’Seaghdha Earl Marshal
Deputy Earl Marshal
Sir Alric Upplendingr Deputy/Central Region
Bjarm riddari (Rorikson) Deputy/Northwest Region
Lord Zachariah MacDonald Deputy/Northeast Region
Sir Duncan Fearmac MacLeod Deputy/East Region
Lord Magnus O'Carr Deputy/West Region
Sir Gavin O'Shannon Deputy/South Region
Honorable Lord Jawhar ibn Akmal el Gazi Deputy for Cards

Contact info:

Honorable Lord Jawhar ibn Akmel el Ghazi
c/o Neal Tapp
424 South Duquesne Rd
Joplin Mo 64801

Sir Duncan Mac Torquil Calon Steel
Her Excellency Brialen Ulfsdottir Vikings List Minister
Mistress Alessandra de Piro Archer General
Honorable Lord John Bowyer Deputy for Combat Archery
Lady Alexandra Rikve Jessen Equestrian Activities

All members of the Calontir Order of Chivalry are hereby designated as Reserve Marshals.

Use the FALCON application to write your Report here

Regional Divisions

This is the division of groups by regions assigned to a Deputy Earl Marshal

Group Marshals and Marshals of the Field:

Note - If you believe your name should be listed on the roster, and it is not, most likely you have not been in contact (Reported) with the Earl Marshal recently. Please do so immediately.
Marshal who have not reported for 2 consecutive quarters will lose their warrants.

Marshal Type: Roster Link: Last Updated:
Warranted Marshals (Group and Field) Roster   (pdf) Winter 2019
Warranted Steel Marshals Roster   (pdf) Winter 2019
Warranted Archery Marshals Roster   (pdf) Winter 2019
Warranted Equestrian Marshals Roster   (pdf) Winter 2019